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Being the Safest Electricians in Wichita means keeping our people safe first

More frequent training, led by CESCP-owner, keeps employee safety at the forefront

NFPA training session
“Why wait every three years? We’re going to retrain on key elements every six months.” – John Young

That’s the take of company president John Young after instructing all Young Electric journeymen, electrician apprentices, and electrician helpers on NFPA 70E Qualified Person Training last month (just don’t tell John the mandated three-year intervals are enough). “Everyone will review the key elements every six months, in addition to the formal classroom training we’ll conduct well within each three-year period.”

Safety first, indeed.

The two-day training in mid-January covered Low Voltage (<600V) and High Voltage (600V to 69,000V [69kV]). The Low Voltage provided 8 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs, and approved by the State of Kansas Electrical Education Review Committee) and the High Voltage equaled 6 hours CEUs. During the training, John covered all facets of electrical safety as specified in NFPA 70E, along with the relevant sections of OSHA 1910 and 1926 standards.

Having an in-house instructor never hurts, either.

NFPA training high voltage procedure When you’re that safety minded, it’s nice to have someone like John Young just down the hall. Certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) as a Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional, John threw the books at his team, figuratively and literally. Incorporating PowerPoint, code books, work books and videos, the highlight of the training was a hands-on simulation of the procedure to replace high voltage 13.8kV fuses using real HV tools and PPE.

Safety is for sharing

Over his career, John’s seen plenty of opportunities for large industrial customers - and even other electrical contractors - to improve safety habits and procedures. So it occurred to him, why not offer this training to others as well? The idea seemed like a natural: share something you’re passionate about to others so they can benefit for the good of all.

Now, through QEST, LLC (Qualified Electrical Safety Training), John is offering to customers and contractors alike NFPA 70E Qualified Person Training for Low Voltage and High Voltage. Anyone interested in learning more should contact John at 316-681-8118.