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Blog - Watt's New

Learn the difference between GFCI and AFCI outlet and why you need them in your home.
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Young Electric's upgrade to their long-time partner, Cargill, comes full circle with satisfying results.
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Wichita’s Young Electric wants to help make sure you’re prepared for a home emergency. See how these safety specialists can help you be ready for the unexpected.
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Keep current code requirements in mind when it comes to your home or business renovation or remodel. It's a good idea to evaluate your current electrical system and make sure you're up to code. Keep reading to learn more!
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Tom has been an integral part of the YE team since June of 2010. His promotion to Service Manager was the next logical step for our organization and the betterment of our team.
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Cold weather is here in Kansas and we’d like to offer a few Energy Saving Tips! There are simple steps you can take around your home to make sure you’re being more energy efficient. Energy efficiency means savings for you and your family.
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Young Electric adds two team members that are enrolled in the 4-year IEC Apprenticeship Program. We're happy to welcome Tim and Jaxen to the team.
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Young Electric is back to full service for residential, commercial, and industrial customers with safety precautions in place.
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See how we worked with long-time partner, Charlie's Car Wash, to help improve efficiencies for their facilities.
For over two generations Young Electric has partnered with Elderslie Farm to provided various electrical services. Read how the two companies have helped each other over the years as they continue to grow in business and their partnership.
Use a safety first approach when plugging in a space heater and fire and injury can be avoided.
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Read about the details of this project and see how it came full circle for current President, Cori Young.
A common challenge for industrial facility managers is minimizing energy consumption. To create an energy savings plan, what should be considered?
Wichita Electrical Service Company Sold to Long Time Employees
Do your Spring projects require the use of power tools? Check out these electrical safety tips.
Stay safe with Wichita's Safest Electricians' tips on fire escape planning.
Learn about how Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters keep your family or business safe.
Avoid unsafe situations by following the fire prevention tips in this article.
Learn why the residential energy sector accounted for 25% of the total energy consumption and about the evolution of the American home over the last 40 years.
Apartment complexes know the importance their tenants give to feeling safe, and Claremont Apartments is no exception.
But how many are right for you?

As far as residential projects go, any number of Wichita electricians could do the job. But, should they?
Ever wonder how all those sprayers and brushes know what to do, and when? Well ...
In business, how often do you find a partnership that just works? Well, whether by luck or fate, we get to work with Metal Arts...
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In need of additional space to accommodate their continued growth, Rubbermaid® recently dusted off six mothballed warehouses at...
It was late June when young Cori Young came on for a quick summer gig at Young Electric before heading off to college in the fall. 20 years later, he’s still coming in. And not just...
Our safety protocol is unprecedented among electricians in Wichita. And not just for our safety, but for you, your family, & your business.
If you think “it won’t happen to us” is the main reason why folks don’t get a backup generator for their home, think again.
For 80 years Rubbermaid has produced high-quality products that simplify lives. Recently, we had the opportunity to simplify theirs …
Before anyone turns the power on, you’ve got to know if there’s any existing equipment damage or short circuits that will “go boom!” So, ...
How does an electrical company in Kansas get selected for a complex, custom fabricated, project for Cargill in Canada? Well, ...
We’ve all heard the saying “If you don’t like the weather in Kansas, just wait a few minutes and it’ll change ...