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Rubbermaid taps Young Electric on new Main Industrial Switchboard

Rubbermaid Home Products in Winfield recently found itself with a 20+ year-old main switchboard (MSB9) with a 4,000 amp main disconnect switch that had worn thin, resulting in loose contact surfaces and a history of overheating. Knowing that tightening the poor contact surfaces would provide only temporary relief, and that the only solution was replacement, project manager Cori Young knew the replacement had to occur during Rubbermaid’s Labor Day week shutdown.

“We needed to strategically plan and implement the replacement of Rubbermaid’s switchboard before this potential safety risk became a plant-wide hazard, as well as provide the least amount of disruption to a very large-scale production facility” said Young, who was already working closely with Siemens’ equipment distributor, Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) in Wichita, to ensure the correct replacement equipment would match the proper footprint of the old switchboard and minimize feeder circuit conduits rerouting.

At 6 a.m. the morning after Labor Day, with coffee in hand, our crews rolled out. By 8:30 a.m. we’d worked with the local utility to safely shut down and isolate power to the old switchboard. After then disconnecting and removing the many feeder circuits, the old equipment was removed by noon. By 3pm the new switchboard was in place, bolted together, and all electrical connections were tightened and torqued to manufacturer specs.


By the end of Day 2, all circuits had been verified, reconnected, and torqued. The equipment was reenergized by the utility, and system checks were carried out both at the main services and at each of the individual feeder circuits. In the end, MSB9 service was down only 33 short hours during this comprehensive project.

Why did Rubbermaid® choose Young Electric?

Safe, quality service, from highly skilled veterans in power distribution equipment installation. The icing on the cake? Complete project management: installation pre-planning, specifications, purchasing, freight logistics, risk assessment, safety briefings and more.