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Residential Electricians | El Dorado • Wichita • Derby • Winfield
Residential Electricians | El Dorado • Wichita • Derby • Winfield
Utility service and meter reconnections, power surge protectors, Generac backup generators, and a whole lot more.
The beautiful home remodel you’re planning will be even more fabulous with enhanced lighting, proper ground circuits, and adequate electrical power to that new A/V system.
Your new landscaping will really come to life with accent lighting (especially around that new hot tub or outdoor kitchen).
Electricity is invisible. But we can see the light. For electrical repair, we’re expert troubleshooters and problem-solvers of electrical issues big and small.
Electricity and electrical code inspections go hand-in-hand. From new and existing home inspections to disconnected utility services, make sure you’re “in code,” and safe.
There’s more to smoke alarms than just testing their batteries. Aside from basic code requirements, smoke alarms require periodic testing. And, don’t forget about other important home safety measures such as heat sensors and carbon monoxide detectors.