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Cold Weather Energy Saving Tips
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Energy Saving Tips for your Home this Winter

Cold weather is here in Kansas and we’d like to offer a few Energy Saving Tips! There are simple steps you can take around your home to make sure you’re being more energy efficient. Energy efficiency means savings for you and your family. Follow the steps below to start making an impact in your home: 
Cold Weather Energy Saving Tips from Young Electric Wichita Kansas

  1. Replace light bulbs in the home with LED bulbs.

    While this first tip isn’t only a cold weather tip, it can help you cut down on energy costs this winter. LED bulbs save you money in the long-run due to their long-lasting life and low energy usage. If you have any light fixtures you need to upgrade in your home, or don’t think your lights are as efficient as they should be, give us a call or inquire online. We’d be happy to help and give you a free quote.  
  2. Don’t over do it on the heat.

    Keep the thermostat around 68-70 degrees in the winter and put on layers or blankets as necessary. Even a few degrees can save a great deal of energy (or gas), saving you money. 
  3. Use space heaters for supplemental heat.

    Instead of cranking up the heat in the whole house, use a small space heater in areas you spend a lot of time. Make sure you’re using your space heater safely and always turn off space heaters when you are not in the room.  
  4. When it comes to decorative lights, make sure they are LED.

    Have you ever worried about the safety of the string of lights on your house or the ones lighting up your Christmas tree? LED lights are more energy efficient and don’t heat up like filament bulbs do. Switching to LED decorations is a safer and more energy conscious choice.  
  5. Bundle up to stay warm!

    What’s cozier than a big warm blanket in the winter? You likely have many blankets laying around the house, use those instead of turning up the heat or using a space heater when you can. Heated blankets can be dangerous to use – but regular blankets don’t use any energy and don’t come with the potential safety hazard of electrical blankets.  
  6. Make sure you have a good seal around windows and doorways.

    Cold air creeps into many homes during the winter around windows and doors. Check your seals and repair as necessary to make sure you’re keeping the warmth in, and keeping the cold out.
If you have any electrical concerns about your home this winter, make sure to give us a call. We want everyone to be comfortable and safe in their own homes. Whether you’re interested in backup generators, a safety audit on your electricity, or anything in between, give Young Electric a Call at 316-681-8118

Article Categories: Safety Tips