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Wichita Home Safety for Emergencies
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3 Services Wichita's Young Electric Recommends for Home Safety in Emergencies

Your home is a space made to feel safe and bring your family comfort. However, to have complete peace of mind, it is important to take necessary precautions in case of any unanticipated accidents. The professionals at Young Electric, who are always focused on safety, are here to share some critical information to help you be prepared for the unexpected. Keep reading to learn more about the top 3 emergency services we provide that can help you prepare for a home emergency.

1. Lightning and Surge Protection

Kansas is notorious for having unpredictable weather, especially when it comes to severe thunderstorms. It is important to keep in mind how easy it is for these storms to damage your technology including your TVs, computers, video game systems, and any other electronic device that you might have plugged into your house receptacles at the time of the storm. If COVID has you working from home, you rely on your technology more than ever. Keep your electrical equipment safe by having surge protection in place. Whether you need a surge protector for your home or need to make sure your current electrical setup is safe, we can help. We offer safety inspections, code corrections, and free estimates depending on your needs. Trust the professionals at Young Electric to help make sure everything is properly protected when the next storm strikes.

Lightning storm

2. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When it comes to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, you want to be proactive, not reactive. Just having them in the home isn’t enough. Did you know there are basic code requirements that must be met to make them as safe as possible? That’s right, if your home was built after 1976, your smoke alarm should be powered from your electrical panel, while still supplemented by individual battery power. Additionally, it is important that they are all interconnected so all alarms sound if one senses smoke. Along with efficient smoke alarms, it is important to utilize carbon monoxide detectors. Installation of these near water heaters and furnaces provides enhanced protection for you and your family. We all know how important smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are, let the experts at Young Electric make sure everything is up to code and installed properly, just in case the unthinkable happens. 

3. Emergency and Backup Generator Maintenance

With the uncertainty of Kansas weather, it’s best to have an emergency and extreme weather backup plan in place. Wichita has been no exception to ice or snowstorms, make sure your home has all the safety precautions you need in case of bad weather. Backup generators are a smart choice, especially for those who can’t risk losing power. When deciding on a generator, there are many things to keep in mind to make sure it fits your needs. Not only can our experts answer any questions, but they can guide you throughout the installation and maintenance process to make sure everything is ready to go in case your power goes out. It is important to remember generators are an investment that is well worth the peace of mind that comes with them.

Let Our Experts Bring You Peace of Mind

Life is full of unexpected events, you can’t prevent them, but you can be prepared for when they do happen. Safety, especially within the home, is crucial for peace of mind. It is also a top priority in every service Young Electric provides. Explore our residential services to learn more about how our Wichita company prioritizes home safety.  Contact us for inspections, code corrections, or estimates on your next electrical project! 


Article Categories: Safety Tips