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Young Electric's Priority: Safety First!
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See Wichita's Safest Electricians in Action!

Young Electric prides itself on the level of safety it takes for every job whether it be commercial or residential. Take a look into the safety precautions we take every day to protect ourselves and be prepared in the case of an electrical emergency. 

Suit Up!

Wichita electricians suited in flame resistant attire

We know that working on electrical sources can be hazardous. Our crew uses the Lockout Tagout (LOTO) to establish safety protocols for the work area. In these pictures, we show our crew suited in flame resistant switching suits and starting the process of Establishing and Verifying an Electrically Safe Work Condition (ESWC) per our company standard safe work practices in compliance with NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace). Prior to our crew starting their work, LOTO procedure identified the energy isolating switch on the primary supply to the outdoor transformer. Verification showed the lack of voltage on the inside of this gear.  The voltage meter was also checked as well on the presence of voltage on a known energized circuit to verify that our voltage meter and its test leads did not stop working or fail during our testing of lack of voltage on the gear we will be working with. 

In Case of an Emergency

Electricians performing voltage testing

Both our crew members pictured are contact release trained and we station a second person behind the technician performing the lack of voltage testing in case there is an emergency.  In a worst-case scenario when a worker makes inadvertent contact with energized parts and cannot let go. The second person would use an insulated rescue hook to pull the technician free of the contact. NFPA 70E states that contact release training should occur annually, but our crew participates in contact release training every six months.

Staying Electrically Safe

Electrician in bucket working on powerline

In this picture, we coordinated outages with the City of Winfield electrical utility linemen. The linemen were pulling fuses on a pole to de-energize a service transformer primary supply voltage (12,470 Volts) to help us create an ESWC. To make sure the environment is safe, our crew still goes through all the procedural steps including LOTO and verifying the voltage meter is testing properly.  Our crew will check for lack of voltage on gear and equipment. An Arc Flash Boundary is set up to maintain a safe distance for crew members to avoid a possible burn or blast injury if an arc flash incident were to occur. Once our 8 step procedure of creating and verifying and electrically safe work condition exists, we will declare to the entire crew, “We Are Electrically Safe”.  When this has been declared, our crew can then remove their shock protection and flame-resistant clothing in order to work on the gear safely and comfortably with verification of no voltage hazard being present. 

See us in Action for Yourself

Safety is Young Electric’s top priority with every job. If you have electrical questions or concerns within your home or business, trust Wichita’s experts to provide you the best and safest electrical service.


Article Categories: Safety Tips
Article Tags: Young Electric Team