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20 Years of Staying (at) Young!
Electrician Cori Young at his office in Wichita Kansas

It was late June when young Cori Young came on for a quick summer gig at Young Electric before heading off to college in the fall.

20 years later, he’s still coming in. And not just during summertime.

After a couple semesters of college, Cori realized that he was hard-wired for the business. So he began to concentrate fully on his career and trade with us, starting with initial electrical work. It didn’t take long for Cori to be tapped for additional duties, as company founder John Young began to involve Cori in automation and control projects. A good call by John, as it wasn’t long before Cori went on to manage projects involving both electrical and automation responsibilities.

One of his most notable achievements began in 1998 when a newly-married Cori relocated (with wife in tow) to improve and manage our newly formed local division on behalf of Cargill’s Dodge City operations, a client we’ve been fortunate to work with since 1992. Just a year earlier, the work was managed from our main office in Wichita, so it’s no understatement that Cori inherited quite a challenge to mirror our standards in western Kansas, essentially starting from ground zero. But he proved up to it, and then some, installing the same diligence for safety and work ethics that exemplify our company, and that Cori just naturally possesses.

With our Dodge City operations running smoothly, and Cori an expectant father, it was time to move back to Wichita in 2001. Assuming the key position of Project Manager, Cori has the lead role in virtually all our major electrical projects. If that’s not enough, Cori’s responsibilities now also span most day-to-day management duties.

Dedicated. Conscientious. That’s Cori Young. It’s no wonder why our founder John Young (aka “uncle”) and the whole team at Young Electric are grateful and privileged to have Cori not just on the team, but leading teams.

Cori and his wife Ellen have three children from 9 to 13. He loves coaching their oldest son’s baseball team, and watching all his kids participate in sports and music. Sometimes, fishing and golf make their way into his spare time, when he’s not asking a co-worker to “verify that with a meter, please!”