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Charlie's Car Wash Partners with Young Electric for Newest Wichita, KS Location
Electrician Cori Young shaking hands with partner Steven Brandt of Charlie's Car Wash

Charlie's Car Wash Partners with Young Electric

for Newest Wichita, Kansas Location



Charlie's Car Wash is known for their quality services, attention to detail and delivering on their promise to the customer. As the Charlie's team started planning their newest location at Kellogg and West Street in Wichita, Kansas, they chose to work with us at Young Electric because of the mutual company principals.

“Charlie’s Car Wash is a flex service car wash with premium services offered as well.” Steven Brandt, Charlie’s Car Wash Automation Controls Engineer says, “Any type of malfunction that would shut the tunnel down affects the customer experience and Charlie’s reputation.” That critical need is why Brandt chose to partner with us several years ago. “What caught our eye were Young Electric’s attention to detail, excellent communication and organization, which is why we would recommend Young Electric to other companies looking for these types of services.”

The project called for the installation of an extremely intricate control system that ensures customers receive the best car wash experience possible. We installed a PLC (programmable logic controller) which is the epicenter of the facility’s controls. Additionally, we set-up multiple Custom-Built Motor Control Centers and human machine interface (HMI) panels to give operators the ability to easily control the intricate system remotely.  

While Charlie’s Car Wash facilities have standard operational controls, there are differences at each location due to continuous improvement initiatives. For this location new processes implemented included reorganization of the cable tray raceways by the addition of stainless-steel basket trays in both the dryer room and wash tunnel to route the shielded VFD tray cables to the VFD’s in the MCC’s to the motors located in the field. This helped improve efficiencies for the facility.

As Wichita's Safest Electricians we pride ourselves in having a safe environment for our employees. For this project, Charlie's approved our request for additional safety measures in the form of fall protection as overhead cables were installed in the dryer room which allowed our workers to achieve proper fall protection attachment point in what was basically a smooth surfaced empty room with no existing structure to attach to.

We are proud of our partnership with Charlie’s Car Wash and look forward to continuing to deliver the quality electrical services they require.  

For more information on Charlie’s Car Wash or to find a location near you, visit https://charliescarwash.com/.  

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