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Considerations When Implementing an Energy Monitoring System
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Looking at cutting your industrial facility's electricity costs? Take the following into consideration

A common challenge for industrial facility managers is minimizing energy consumption. The financial savings from finding a solution to this challenge can be significant. A facility manager must have the ability to meter and monitor energy consumption of all energy consuming equipment in a building before a plan of action is created. To create an energy savings plan, what should be considered?

Below are items to consider when assessing the need for an energy monitoring system at a facility.

What is the Current Energy Bill?

A facility manager should first understand current energy charges by reviewing the monthly utility bill. By understanding the energy usage of a facility steps can then be taken to implement power monitoring and corrective solutions to cut utility costs.

What Would the Return on Investment be if an Energy Monitoring System is Implemented?

Without a power monitoring system, it's difficult to identify energy usage. Investing in a power monitoring system helps identify energy saving opportunities. A long-term ROI can be identified by understanding the power consumption of equipment for its operating life. The up-front investment will pay for itself once data is analyzed and changes are implemented at a facility.

What Energy Monitoring System Capabilities Would A Facility Need?

A variety of energy monitoring systems exist. Consider the facility's energy consumption size, data collection goals and the energy monitoring system budget when selecting the appropriate solution. Metering levels, accuracy and connectivity features will vary by product. If the requirement includes metering power quality (sag/swell, harmonics, transients) and waveform capture, top of the line energy monitoring systems such as Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley's PowerMonitor 5000 would be one to consider.

What Type of Resources and Expertise are Required to Install an Energy Monitoring System Properly?

If the in-house team doesn't have the expertise or capability to install an energy monitoring system look for local custom control system design electricians. Find someone with a proven record of working with PLC programming, HMI, communication protocols, drive systems and controls. Their expertise will ensure a smooth process for all involved.

We hope this informational article is helpful. If you have custom control system design needs, know that we work with customers from design and installation to programming and maintenance.

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