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DIY Project and Power Tool Safety Tips
power tool electrical safety tips

Every year, thousands of people take unnecessary risks and are injured or electrocuted when taking on DIY home projects. And there couldn’t be a more dangerous combination than electrical and power tools. Regardless of skill level, paying attention to the appropriate safety precautions is critical. Follow the tips below when completing any electrical home project, including projects that involve the use of power tools.  

  • Use ground fault interrupters (GFCIs) with every power tool to protect against electrical shock.
  • Do not use power tools with an extension cord that exceeds 100 feet.
  • Never use power tools near live electrical wires or water pipes.
  • Use extreme caution when cutting or drilling into walls where electrical wires or water pipes could accidentally be damaged.
  • If a power tool trips a safety device while in use, take the tool to an authorized repair center.
  • When working with electricity, use tools with insulated grips.
  • Always use the appropriate personal protective gear.
  • Do not use power tools without the guard.

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