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Blog - Watt's New
Green Lantern set the standard for car washes, so we set the electrical standard for them.
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There’s a bright, shiny, brand new Green Lantern Car Wash on North Rock Road, just south of K-96! And if you’ve ever been inside your car going through a car wash and wondered how all those moving parts know what to do, and when, well, we actually play a role in all that!

Green Lantern was looking for a Wichita electrical contractor that’s familiar with industrial controls and automation wiring. “Young Electric turned out to be exactly what we were looking for,” said Steven Brandt, Controls Engineer for Blue Beacon Truck Washes, Green Lantern’s parent company.

The projected involved working with their technicians to provide the fabrication and UL listing of their PLC control panel - the nerve center of the Car Wash. Next up was installing the control conduit, wire, and field devices for the entire project. Last but not least, we’re providing full commissioning support to Green Lantern’s technicians to verify and test all field devices, before the very first car is washed.

location electricial testimonial “Young Electric’s technicians are efficient, courteous, timely, and their work is neat and thorough,” adds Brandt. “After the car wash was open and operational, we had a couple of minor emergencies, and their response was quick and efficient.  Cori (YE project manager), has been very helpful, and always responds promptly when I contact him regardless, of the time.”

What’s next for Young Electric and Green Lantern Car Wash?

Well, we’re headed across town to their West Wichita Car Wash at 21st & Maize to instigate certain functionality and safety protocols the North Rock Road location received. And having “set the standard for all future installations” according to Mr. Brandt, we’re optimistic there may be more wash work down the road.

From Cori Young, project lead Matt Coffman, and everyone at Young Electric, we would like to thank not only Steven and his invaluable assistance throughout the project, but everyone on the Green Lantern team for their help all along the way.

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