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Blog - Watt's New
Let there be light!
Classical School of Wichita partners with Wichita electrician for upgraded school gymnasium lighting

Before (above) and After pictures of the lighting retrofit at the Classical School of Wichita's Heartland Gymnasium

While there are always little glimmers of hope running around, there were no bright shining lights in the Heartland Gymnasium at the Classical School of Wichita. After a lighting retrofit though, the children are no longer playing in the shadows.

In need of a Wichita electrician who’s strong in commercial lighting, the School turned to us for assistance, and after a Lighting & Energy Audit, we developed a plan specifically for the School: replace 15 metal halide high bay fixtures at 400 watts each, and 14 incandescent fixtures at 500 watts each, with 28 new AlbeoTM LED High Bay fixtures – at 95 watts each. That’s right – 95 watts.


What does that mean in dollars and cents? Well, the School now has the potential to save over $20,000 over a 10-year period. That’s a lot of pencils (or tablets, or whatever).

What does that mean to us here at Young Electric? The kids will be safer at playtime.