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Blog - Watt's New
Should you purchase a home electrical backup generator?

No one doubts that a backup electric generator, especially in Kansas, is a good idea. So why don’t more people in the Wichita area get a home generator? Aside from those who think they’re somehow immune from Mother Nature reaching out and wreaking havoc with Westar in their neighborhood, over the years we’ve learned that many homeowners don’t know what goes into selecting, buying and installing a backup generator.

If you’re one of those, you’re not alone. So, here’s a brief overview of the process (Spoiler Alert, we do all the work!)


  1. In-home consultation. Our veteran service technicians meet with you to discuss your specific wants and needs. Just one example: whether you want a whole-home solution vs. covering partial emergency circuits.
  2. Sizing and location. We then recommend a specific generator and the ideal placement based on your electrical and gas meter locations, proximity to windows and bedrooms, and of course visual aesthetics.
  3. Complete project estimate. When the placement is determined, we develop a full estimate for all aspects of the project, including the generator and transfer switch, electrical and gas line installation, and shipping & delivery. If a web-based monitor, extended warranty or concrete pad are in order, we’ll figure that, too. Because if you’ve experience an electrical outage before, you don’t need any more surprises.
  4. Ordering, shipping, and installation. When the estimate is approved and a modest down payment is received (this varies based on the installation), we order the generator and transfer switch. When it’s en route, we set up an installation date with you and the gas line installer (again, all coordination that we manage on your behalf).


It’s simple, easy, and if you’re wanting to be ready for spring Kansas thunderstorms, you’ll be happy to know the whole process takes only about four to six weeks from start to finish – not quite as quick as “honey, where’s the flashlight?!” – but much more comforting!


Want to know more? Contact us at 316-681-8118 or drop us an email. And save the flashlights for real emergencies, like slumber party ghost stories!