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There are plenty of good electricians in Wichita

There are plenty of good electricians in Wichita

But how many are right for you?

Safe electricians in Wichita KS As far as residential electrical projects go, any number of Wichita electricians could do the job. But that also means there are plenty who can’t, or shouldn’t, attempt to fix your fixture or replace your circuit panel. Meanwhile on the Internet, there are hundreds and hundreds of electricians in Wichita, and it doesn’t take long before they start to look alike. Shocking!As consumers, before we call, or submit a web form to, the “right” local electrician, we will always reach out to friends and neighbors first. After all, It’s human nature. But there are other key steps to take that, frankly, will be more telling than what your neighbor Frank told you.

It’s a simple checklist that’ll save you in both the short and long run:

1. Ask friends and neighbors.

When you do, use some discretion with their recommendation. “Cheap” and “fast” may have saved the day for them, but it won’t fill the bill for upgrading your wood shop to 220 and installing all-new LED lighting.

2. Does the company guarantee their work?

Ask about their warranties on both Parts and Workmanship.

3. How long have they been in business, locally?

There are, of course, reputable companies that may not have a lot of experience. But overall in this business, longevity matters, especially with national companies who use local electricians.

4. Are they licensed in your area?

You’d be surprised at how many small towns and municipalities that require their own licenses.

Licensed electricians in Wichita

5. Do they have insurance?

This is huge! Let’s say your electrician falls from his ladder and crushes his clavicle. Or a short in the wood shop sets it ablaze. Ask the electrical company up front: “Do you have property damage and general liability insurance?”

6. Review online testimonials.

Again, these are subjective. But look for trends. And better yet, look how a company responds to a negative rating – and if they responded at all.

7. Ask for references.

Often a company will have testimonials on their website. This is a good place to start, but again realize there won’t be any negative commentary. Nonetheless, watch for things like how many references or testimonials are provided, over what period, and if the projects are relevant to yours.