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Check out our blog and see Watt's New!
Thirty-year Partnership Continues with Construction of Creamery

Delivering Top Quality Commercial Electrical Services while Maintaining Long Lasting Partnerships

We’re Wichita’s safest electricians and we take that title very seriously. It’s a mindset that just comes natural to us. That’s why business owners partner with us for their commercial and industrial electrical needs.

The Elder family at Elderslie Farm in Kechi, Kansas is one of those partners. We’ve worked with the Elder family for over 30 years. The services we’ve provided includes: support of their emergency power generation including diesel generator and un-interruptable power system (UPS, complete renovation and transformation of the long time family home lower floors for the fine “Farm-to-Table Dinner” and the Bramble Café, as well as multiple other site renovations and additions such as the Elderslie Woodworks and other outbuildings. It’s a partnership that spans two generations when current owner George Elder’s father, Phillip, chose to work exclusively with Young Electric founder, John Young. Now, George’s favorite aspect of our partnership is that the Young Electric team has continued to evolve and deliver quality electrical services even when projects are complex.

Cori and Ellen Young, owners of Young Electric in Wichita, talking with Phillip Elders about a recent commercial electrical project. Our partnership continues today with the additions of Elderslie Farm’s creamery and cheese shop. They  will be handcrafting fine cheeses from their own farm’s goat milk. Some of their cheeses will take nearly a year to age so the electrical work our team completes is critical. “We depend on all that work to be to the highest level of quality, because downtime could mean the loss of many thousands of dollars,” George says. “It’s scary to go to into these sorts of projects. Our relationship with Cori and his team continues to re-verify that they run a company that is trustworthy and are eager to understand our needs, despite the wide range of variability.”

In the creamery’s make room, the most important control panel is designed by Sanitary Designs and controls the dew point in the cheese aging rooms. Our team of professional electricians used our experience and the accompanying documentation to automate control of the valves, coils, humidifying steam injector, and ammonia exhaust system. Electrical status notifications are then sent to an app on George’s phone, so he always has peace of mind regarding a such a critical piece of his operations.

The epicenter of the facility’s electrical service gives the Elder’s control of the overall processes. The main electrical service panel sub-feeds to the equipment panel which then feeds to a general-purpose wiring panel. A variable frequency drives (VFD) panel provides the customer control of speed of the facility’s product pump.

Cori Young, owner of Young Electric speaking with George Elders about a recent commercial electrical project. Here at Young Electric, we’re proud of our team’s work, our continued partnership with the Elder family and can hardly wait to come out and shop their fine selection of handcrafted cheeses once the creamery is complete.

For more information on Elderslie Farm and all they have to offer please visit their site, https://eldersliefarm.com/.

Our partnerships are a priority. If you’re searching for an honest, experienced electrician to tackle your next industrial or commercial project, contact Wichita’s safest electricians today.