Specialized Safety & Protective Equipment
Specialized Safety & Protective Equipment

Specialized safety and protective equipment

At Young Electric, safety always starts at the source. This is especially true with medium voltage industrial electrical systems. That’s why we always take the high road when it comes to safety when working with medium voltage systems. Among our precautions:

  • Voltage detectors, rated for the higher voltages

  • Voltage-rated insulated “hot sticks” enable our electricians to remain at a safe distance during testing or operating energized devices

  • Voltage-rated insulated gloves, inspected before each use (and lab-tested every six months)

  • Voltage-rated insulated “blankets” to cover energized conductors and equipment

  • Voltage-rated insulated “mats” to provide insulated floor space for workers to safely stand

  • Specialized grounding cables for de-energized equipment to protect workers should equipment become accidentally re-energized.